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Why this blog

Because I am now fed up with this system in place, which supposedly to help others who are in a difficult situation in life, opens the door to countless excesses of all kinds.

There are obviously many people who are working to bring their aid as best they can and that is all their honors. But there are all the others.

I’ll avoid giving my opinion in a few lines, is already shoot myself in the foot than writing all this publicly and I appreciate that. At the same time, given my experience and all heard feedback from nurses (eras), close people, carers (your) all (your) indicating a large number of more or less displaced situations , inappropriate or harmful, it is necessary that someone says.

It’s not because it’s worse elsewhere than it is here

.es disabled, sick, elderly, who need help to live or even survive in some cases?

About all that nobody dares say fear of being snub and be abandoned, with the added charges of being responsible for everything related to an allegedly improper behavior or whatnot.

As the saying goes: « Who wants to drown his dog accused of rabies. »

Metaphorical Dixit of aid bonus: « I saved from drowning twenty-five people, so I can leave both die because their mouth is not for me, they seem to know how to swim and it tires me to help. Twenty-five people is enough, so I can claim to be regarded as a good person. « 

false pride?

You do everything you can for your pain and suffering can not be seen, and it works. For your next if you do not cry is that it goes! You should have .rice actor, apparently you are extremely gifted .e. In any case, if you cry, given the rest of the time you do not complain is that you exaggerate.

Dixit bonus: « Your disease and / or your disability is not seen then you have nothing, » wimp.  » Compared to other euuhhh …? !!! «  (Eg.. multiple sclerosis)

Feel less alone

If I had found the net or other evidence of that, I would probably not come to believe that many have .ses .ées tempted to get me in the head « they are all .They .tes great and I am just ugly duckling. « 

I really asked myself « I am responsible for the deleterious situation in which I find myself? If I crack after being pushed to the limit so this is my fault? « 

I’ll just tell that my memory leaves me even glimpse, and publish short excerpts of what a lawyer and a doctor had suggested me to harvest somehow.


Due to the « Link Publish » of this blog, you can tell your story, that of a relative or neighbor who is not in itself ability to use a computer, and so bring some freedom of thought to those who need it. You can tell pretty things and great stories if the heart tells you, it will relax the atmosphere with great pleasure.

I’ll tell you obviously preferred as enjoyable and full life of sliced ​​joys but I do not despair of doing one day.

Johnsson R

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